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Competent Security Guards

RGW Private Security Services Inc. (RGW) provides well-trained and professional security guards to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer you the absolute best staff available. Our field officers meet the stringent criteria set for all RGW employees. Each officer is instructed in our policies and procedures, which were created solely to provide for your needs.

For New Contracts

For new contracts, the security officers that are assigned to a particular location are introduced to the client and given a tour of the property and other access points. As part of our standard procedures, we prepare and approve post orders specifically designed to meet your security needs. Both our officers and direct supervisors are required to become proficient in performing the post orders.

Ongoing Contract Period

During the contract, regular performance checks are made on all field officers to ensure proper procedures are carried out. Our supervisors and company representatives regularly conduct field checks and work shifts to guarantee that your needs are being met.

Entrance Security - Security Guards

What You Can Expect

Get more than just a friendly and courteous officer who makes your location safer and more secure. Our security officers are:

• Highly Trained, Licensed, and Experienced Security Patrol Officers
• Crime Prevention Experts Whose Presence Alone Deters Criminals
• Fast-Thinking and Quick-Acting Private Security Officer Capable of                 Responding to an Emergency

Our Staff

Many of our officers are members of the communities they serve, which gives them a natural advantage in knowing the inner workings of their assigned locations. Our staff is:

• Uniformed and Trained 
• Trained to Act Quickly
• Suitable for Posts Requiring Public Interaction 
• Available for Temporary or Permanent Posts

Security and Patrols

RGW has been providing quality service and protection for over 20 years. We provide client lists and recommendations upon request. We offer security and patrols to:

• Businesses
• Construction Sites

• Government Sites
• Parking Lots

• Industrial Sites
• Industrial Complexes

Contact us for our courteous and service-oriented security guards.